Developing Javelus using Visual Studio

Checkout the source code of javelus. There is a create.bat at make/windows/.

  1. Install cygwin
    1. Download the 32-bit setup-x86.exe.
    2. Run setup-x86.exe, you had better choose to install at C:/cygwin as this path is hard-coded.
    3. Select the closest mirror, e.g.,
    4. Search and add all packages listed in the README-build.html.
    5. Append C:\cygwin\bin to your PATH environment variable.
  2. Install Visual Studio 2012.
    1. The latest supported MSC version is 1700.
    2. create.bat generates a jvm.vcxproj based on the version of your MSC version. This version number is grepped from the output of an English versioncl.exe So, if your have installed a Chinese version, set an environment variable set FORCE_MSC_VER=1700
  3. Install a JDK 8, suppose that the JDK8_HOME points to the installation folder.
    1. Do not include any white space in the path.
  4. Build VS project file.
    1. Open a new cmd terminal.
    2. Change directory to the VC location, e.g., C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\VC
    3. Setup environment variables by invoking vcvarsall.bat amd64.
    4. Change directory to the source code of this project in the same terminal.
    5. Change directory to make/windows, and you will find a file named create.bat
    6. Run create.bat %JDK8_HOME%
    7. If there is no error, you will find a jvm.vcxproj in the build/vs-amd64.
    8. Open this file and click update.
    9. Select the configuration compiler2-fastdebug, and click build project.